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Need help charging for client work

Discussion in 'General Business Forum:' started by wavyglanbles, Oct 6, 2014.

  1. wavyglanbles

    wavyglanbles Member

    I've been approached by a local DJ who wants some graphic work done for a Christmas event he's doing.

    I'm going to be meeting him on Friday and discussing exactly what he wants, and for me to come up with a price.

    The problem is (like many starting designers), I don't know where to start when it comes to providing a quote.

    I said to him on the phone that I would get the design done in a few days-a week, which he's pretty happy with. And he said if we can agree with a price then he's happy for me to do the design and then afterwards we can discuss either a separate quote for printing or for him to do the printing himself.

    Also on the phone, he wants me to do 3 things
    • a double sided flyer (one side just a photo of the artist which he'll provide, and the other side the main part with details, etc)
    • a poster (but of 2 sizes, "normal sized" and a size bigger)
    • double sided business cards of the event

    He also said that if he's happy with the price and what I've done, then it will lead to ongoing work.

    Can anyone give me any assistance when it comes to pricing please?

    Many thanks in advance.
  2. @GCarlD

    @GCarlD Well-Known Member

    Quite simple really. Work out how much you would like to charge per hour. How much you think you are worth. Work out how many hours/days you think it will take you to complete the design work. Times number of hours/days by your going rate + a little bit more to cover you for any unforeseen issues.
  3. Paul Murray

    Paul Murray Moderator Staff Member

    Be sure to get a deposit before you start work, typically 50%. Start doing this now and it gets easier asking the more jobs you do. If a client refuses, walk away. If they won't pay a deposit it means they won't invest in an idea, and might not even pay in full. I normally mention taking a deposit after I've talked through a project with a client and (hopefully) have given them confidence in my abilities.

    If you handle the printing, be sure that he pays the print costs upfront (don't you pay anything), or you handle the technical side of it (conversing with the printer) and he just pays the amount before they go off to print. Don't forget to factor in some time for chatting to the printer when you quote.

    Handling the printing is a good way to cream a little extra money off the top of a project. Look into Stationery Direct's reseller scheme for a way to further increase the amount you can make handling print.

    I'm guessing he's going to want A4 ('normal sized') and A3, but be sure to clarify this before you design/print.
  4. wavyglanbles

    wavyglanbles Member

    Thank you guys.

    Paul: Asking for a deposit does make sense, and have researched that I may need to get a contract drawn up (not sure how to go about that). As for paper sizes, I think it will be either A4 or A3 in terms of normal sized, I need to ask him this when we meet up.

    Thank you for your help Carl, I think generally I need to work out my hourly rate, was considering £10-15 an hour in relation to the quality of my portfolio and the fact I've not had that many freelance jobs. And then estimate how long the job will take. But not sure what you think.

    By the way, I definitely want to charge a flat fee rather than a hourly rate fee, as it sounds a lot better for the client; and makes it easier for me not having to put as much time pressure on myself.
  5. @GCarlD

    @GCarlD Well-Known Member

    That is exactly the way to go with flat rates. Just working out a cost for your time will give you an idea of what your flat rate should be and will ensure you have covered yourself. You client does not need to know your hourly rate or the number of hours you spend on a project, it is just a guide for yourself.
  6. @GCarlD

    @GCarlD Well-Known Member

    And yes a deposit goes without saying. Never do anything without getting a deposit first. Most people go for 1/2. I personally go for 1/3 partly due to my process and it makes it more comfortable for new clients not to be put off hiring me for the first time by having to pay half of the total cost up front, to someone they don't really know. But hey, a third or a half... not much in it really. I see it more psychological, like charging 99p rather than £1 kind of thing.
  7. wavyglanbles

    wavyglanbles Member

    That makes a lot of sense actually, I think I will look at charging a third for deposit.

    Also, is it wise to look at People Per Hour as an indicator for prices? Professional and popular flyers on there have a price of around £50-65. Would probably look at charging the £60-65 mark considering he's a local DJ, but not 100% sure yet.

    He did say to me on the phone that the flyer would be pretty simple with a photo of the main artist (which he'll provide) on one side, and the other side being the main part I'll design with the details, background, overall design, etc.

    I was also looking at considering charging £40 for the poster design (if it's a different style), or £20 (if it's the same style as the flyer). And if he wants business cards of that event, about £15 if it's the same style.

    The total price I was looking at offering 3 revisions for free as well.

    Then would look at a further small percentage on top to cover delays, etc.

    Not sure what you'd think.
  8. @GCarlD

    @GCarlD Well-Known Member

    Oh no no no avoid PPH and any other sites like that. Don't use them as reference for anything. The only thing those sites are good for is to highlight how they are destroying our industry.

    Yep 3 free revisions sounds good, exactly what I offer. Anything after that can be charged at your hourly rate.
  9. wavyglanbles

    wavyglanbles Member

    Just a quick one, with a job on a small scale as this one.....will I need to get a contract drawn up? If so, are there any good templates I can use?
  10. PrintME

    PrintME Member

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