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Need business cards


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Hi FeverProject,

You haven't mentioned quanitities or if they need to be double sided?

Either way, I would recommend taking a look at our forum sponsors PrintedEasy.com:
PrintedEasy.com | Business Card Printing

& also SoloPress.com look good on their spot UV prices:
Business Cards Spot UV Varnish - Solpress Business Card Printing

I went with Printed Easy for my cards as didn't need spot UV, and am really pleased with them :)


(P.S. Removed your email from the post as it will attract spam!)

Require 500-1000 cards and I will have my own artwork. Double sided

I'm struggling to find a printer that does both spot uv AND rounded corners for a reasonable price.

Your sponsored printers are slightly expensive and I'm not sure the other printers do rounded corners:confused:


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You may struggle to find a printer that will do both spot UV & rounded corners for a 'reasonable price', obviously depends on definition of reasonable, but that's quite a bit of finishing work. I'll PM a few printers we have on the forums to see if anyone can help..