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Need a web builder!

Hi guys,

I'm just submitting a proposal to a client for the re-design of their website.
Its a 8 page site:

Sub landing page branded 1
Sub landing page branded 2
Sub landing page branded 3
Sub landing page branded 4
Sub landing page branded 5
Contact Us Page
News Page

They won’t need CMS as I will be updating the news page in the future. I'm looking for someone to work with. I will provide the design in PSD format and just need the site code and build. I have a strict budget which I'm happy to discuss with someone if they are interested. If the proposal is agreed, we will have a timeframe of just over 2 weeks to complete - please bare that in mind if you have a busy schedule.

Please contact me if you are interested. If not this project, another project will lead to further website builds.

I know its short notice, but if anyone could contact me today that would be great.