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Need a Simple to Use CMS for Client

Hey guys,

I'm working on a site for a client...it's a pretty simple site. Just a standard business site to basically showcase services and give contact information and all that.

I need a CMS that will be easy for the client to edit pages. I was going to pick up Drupal and give it a try because i've heard good things about it but it looks like it has quite a learning curve and I don't have the time to spend messing with it if i'm not sure it'll work in my favor.

I used CMS Made Simple on their last website and it worked just fine but I myself have found issues in it with editing where it doesn't like to cooperate, other than that it works. I wondered if there was anything you knew about simple to setup like CMS Made Simple but has a better editing interface.

Site has no blog so I don't want to mess with Wordpress unless i'm going to throw a blog in there too.

Drupal is a fair bit of a learning curve and you need to know some of the core modules to use that make life much easier for yourself and clients, as well as much added functionality. And then theming.
But you will find Drupal is a great system and be able to use it with many projects.

If you just need something very simple, and the client only needs to update a couple of pages maybe using a cms service such as Cushy CMS, Free and simple CMS CushyCMS, might be the best bet.
Ya i've heard a lot of great things about Drupal but when I went into it I could tell it would be an easy thing to just pick up and learn in a few days. I may try Cushy...I've used it before but not in practice on a client site so I may see how it goes for this one.

Ya I agree, I love wordpress but since this site is going to be even simpler than the simplicity of wordpress. The main thing is there isn't a blog on this site so I wanted something that could be a quick and easy edit of just a few pages without my hassle of setup. Cushy looks like it is what I need...thanks everybody.
Hi Vertigo,

We have our own cms which traditionally we've used just for clients. We're working on a website for it at the moment to promote it to people such as yourself. The website is Form Results we are keen to get feedback on it from others in our industry and would be happy to set up a demo / give you a demo on the system, as I really think it fits your requirements (that sounds far more "salesy" than it was supposed to)

If this is of interest to you, or anyone else reading this post feel free to get in touch.

The CMS website address is Form Results.

Look forward to hearing from you.
I liked cusycms also, i found wordpress a little advanced to start with and was not what i wanted, its good if you plan to use it long term tho...
I've heard bad things about Joomla....but this is coming from not having even installed it so I wouldn't really know. Eventually i'm going to try it out on a personal project to see how user friendly it is.


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Depending on the language you want to go down but I would recommend

ModX - php
Umbraco - .NET

Both are open source and easy to use imho