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Need a little help.

I need a little advice. I am making a brochure on indesign.

Here is what the printer has specified "A flattened PDF, 3mm all the way round and atleast 1cm for cut". I am confused what he means by 1cm for cut.

Also because of the no bleed in the gutter, does this mean I have to split each spread to get an all the way round bleed on each page.



Staff member
By the looks of it you're working on facing pages? When you pdf the document, indesign will automatically pick up the required amount of bleed from the opposing facing page so you needn't worry about that. As for the 1cm for cut, I'd hazard a guess at that being the margin he prefers around each page (often referred to as a "safe zone") but you cant go far wrong with a quick email to check with him on that one.


Staff member
Depends on how big your document is. On a business card 10mm is big but on an A5 or A4 document it's pretty reasonable......

A4 magazine with 10mm margins:

A5 magazine with 8mm side & top margins, 14mm foot margin:

As I said before, your best bet is to email the printer and ask for confirmation of what the '1cm for cut' is in reference to.


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He may be referring to the length of the crop marks...(on Quark you can certainly set the length of them). It looks to me that the 'safe area' on your samples above does not include the page number or date at top...

But Dave is right contact your printer for details of how he wants the pdfs set up - he may have a pdf or booklet/sheet of the settings he prefers.