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Need a little help regarding copyright

Hi guys,

THINK I posted this in the correct section since this was paid work.

Just asking for a little bit of advice about plagiarism. A few months back I designed a poster for Durham Constabulary (yep, this involves the police thus why I'm asking for advice!). I'll attach the image at the bottom.
I've just seen a different poster that they have posted on their facebook page and it's the EXACT same layout as the one I created as well as colour. The only thing different is their poster font and, well, lack of professionalism. (Ironic since I can't stand the poster that I created for them, it was their request of the font since I sent them a few to pick through).

In the mockups I sent to them there was various views such as the police officer being in the same position as their recent poster and the font being very similar structurally. The attached file is the only one left as I erased the remaining ones.
I was wondering if the similarities would be considered as plagiarism? I've also attached the poster they created which was roughly a MONTH after mine. If so if anyone has any advice as to what I should do?
Thanks guys

Police: 11836758_944577765635829_403168236851271568_n.jpg

Not sure I'd be saying EXACT copy….Their message is totally different and arguably validates the positioning/size of image to denote 'friendly' bobby. I would say you'd have limited legal standing and wouldn't waste your time pursuing….if you have had work off them then kicking up a fuss about this might not help future commissions?! Or if you have a good relationship with your client maybe a friendly passing reference to it & the resemblance to your work?…if you've binned the work you say is closer then you're screwed…I keep everything (inc e.mails & attachments) just in case something like this happens. Good luck.

Paul Murray

Staff member
What's your plan? To take them to court? Proving copyright infringement is notoriously hard, and without any evidence that they've copied a design you presented to them (you deleted the layouts you claim they used) you'll just be laughed at.

Were you paid for this work? Did they approach you asking for you to design the poster for them? Did you both sign a contract about who owns what?

Just drop it and move on.


Staff member
No way this is copyright. The only similarity is the photo on the left side and text on the right, which is 99.99% of all flyers of this nature.

Had they used same font, same images, colour, and other things, like the vector of the copper, then yes you'd have a claim.

You can't copyright the position of items.

And to be honest, the one they did is better than what you did... sorry to tell you.