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Need a bit of help with sIFR


Senior Member
Hey. Last night I spent about two hours trying to figure out why I can't get sIFR to work and unfortunately I didn't resolve the problem. I'm sure I'm doing everything right but obviously not.

I'm just wondering if someone would so kind as to jump on MSN (possiblydangerous at hotmail.com) or Skype (theworkof) for 5 minutes of their time and see if they can figure out why it's not working for me. I'd very much like to figure out the problem, rather than just getting someone to do it all for me.

I'd really appreciate it.

Neil Martin


Senior Member
Nevermind, FINALLY got it to work. Don't you love it when you figure something out for yourself?

Edit: Actually, I still need some help please. Could someone spare 5 minutes on MSN or Skype please?

Edit: Nevermind again! Sorted it all. Looks like sleeping can do wonders for your cognitive abilities afterall.