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ne14hockey.co.uk - is it better / good enough?

Hi Folks,

I've had such a good response on my other thread I wanted to ask for some feedback on NE14HOCKEY | The Field Hockey News and Social Network which is the main site which will be used to support the stickforlife charity events.

The old site is here for comparison for the better part of the question. The site is intended to be a facebook meets fixtureslive aimed at just field hockey players (2nd most played sport in the UK behind, you guessed it Football)

Thanks in advance!


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It took forever to load the top part here -.-
And I had no idea where I was supposed to look first, it's all cluttered and quite bland... no highlights or variations. It definitely beats the old site though, the new one just needs some tweaks.


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From a quick look at the site there's a lot going on with little to lead your eye through the page IMHO, the sliding bars at the top of the page take up too much room, and for me it's not intuitive that you need to click them to get them to slide?

As someone who doesn't play hockey (not your target market I know!) it would also take me a while to understand what the site is for and what it';s about, there's no imagery of hockey anywhere? apart from the ads and a small reference in your logo.

Personally I would look to lose the sliding content box, bring in some field hockey imagery into the header and try and run your identity colours through the content to bring out some areas of interest and hierarchy between them.

Hope that helps in someway,


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I agree with Greg; there doesn't seem to be a clear hierarchy. People online today are impatient and want information now now now.
Therefore I think creating more emphasis on particular articles or resources/results might be better than some of the ads/bells & whistles currently on there.
I can see what you mean, it does not scream field hockey.

Are you thinking like a small strip of images like they have on field hockey forum?

The difficulty is a lot of the national bodies don't send out any photographs with their match reports etc so its difficult to have a good source of images if I went for a latest articles section like england hockey.

How would you suggest I continue the identity colours through the content?
Been thinking about the suggestion of getting rid of the ajax blocks at the top.

Now I'm an Arsenal fan and I found myself looking at the homepage of the site and thinking to myself, is this how I should arrange the homepage of NE14HOCKEY?

So the latest 4 articles would fill the 4 under the main focus article which would have a hockey related image going the full width of the content.

All the other panels could be placed like the Ticket News, Reserves & Youth, Arsenal Ladies at the bottom?

Would like to hear your thoughts on whether you think thats a step in the right direction?