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Navigation on wordpress text widget help!:D

I'm trying to add some navigation elements to my wordpress portfolio.

I haven't really got a clue with html and css but have been picking up bits and bobs and need some help.

I've got the navigation elements in a text widget but can't get them to display right. I want all the text on one line and previous/next on the left hand side and main menu on the right hand side.

I would also like to add small arrows to the text with a single right arrow at the end of the main menu and a left and right arrow on each end of the previous and next.

This is the code I've got so far:

<div id="project-nav">
<p class="alignleft">
<div class="viewall">
<a href="mainmenuurlhere">Main Menu</a>

<p class="alignright">
<a class="prev" href="prev-url">Previous</a>
<span class="spacer">/</span>
<a class="next" href="next-urlhere">Next</a>
<div style="clear: both;"></div>

and this is what it looks like:

Can anybody help?
Done it with a bit of messing about

<div class="viewall">
<div class="alignright">
<a href="http://www.thegraphicsden.co.uk/?page_id=41">Back to Menu</a>
<div class="alignleft">
<a class="prev" href="prevurl">Previous</a>
<span class="spacer">/</span>
<a class="next" href="nexturl/">Next</a>

I think it maybe a html only wordpress widget, this one:
Text Widget Support — WordPress.com

I wanted to add a directional triangle to each side of previous and next like the pic below, would that be possible or should I look for a html/css widget?