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Navigation labeling help, which one would you go for.


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Hay guys and gals need help on this navigation label.
One of the main areas on my site is a community like area, add photo's, message wall, make freinds etc.... etc.... So my site wide navigation for it is quite important however I'm stuck between 4 ~

1. The parents community,
2. Community for parents,
3. Your Community,
4. Other.

What do you think and can you think of a better 1?

Cheers for any feedback, good or bad.


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My personal preference would be no. 3 . Your Community, the reasoning behind this is that today's web is all about empowering the end user and the end user expereince, this title suggests to me that its my community I will be contributing to, thus, using the tools found within.

ps. have a link to the site so we can see the context in which the title / label will be used in?


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I would post a link, and I will, but at the mo it's still all local, and not ready to go live yet.

I did think about that, but the problem I think I may have is that for a lot of my users it wont be obvious from the start what it actually says about the page and what you can do.

How is it your community if you are visiting the site for the first time?

What I have been thinking, since posting, is having another link as the main navigation link then changing to Your Community once they log in. As that way, I agree with you it says they can contribute, but if someone has not created a profile yet the previous label would qualify the page more IMO.

Does that make sense?
Any ideas now to the first label before they are logged in/created a profile should be?

Cheers for the time already, much appreciated.