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Naming Help or Direction for Restaurant


New Member
I have a client in a small town that is opening a small restaurant that will serve pre-made wraps, chicken salad cups, fruit cups, panini, coffee drinks , bakery etc. The only thing I can think would be close would be maybe a Panera Bread, but this particular place will be quant and small. Hometown hotspot and convenience for tourist. The decor is bright colors, airy with some touches of natural wood and exposed limestone interior. They will have a room for casual dining at night that will have a waiter and will serve traditional american entres with sides etc.
Their location is on the east end of the town on a corner and on the Main St. in town. The town is a small tourist town with a German heritage.
I have presented about 20 names and none spark their interest. Not sure what direction to go other than keep in simple and maybe a persons name??

Any direction or suggestion are greatly appreciated in naming.

The names I presented already :
1. East End Cafe
2. East End Eatery - Bites & Bakery
3. Cafe 337 or Cafe 339 - Corner Eatery (Address)
4. Corner Cafe - Bites & Bakery
5. Lokal Cafe - Food & Drink
6. Grona's on Main - eat & be happy
7. The Founders - Quality Kitchen
8. The Range - Quality eats
9. Dashers on Main - A cafe
10. Platz - Sandwiches & Such (Platz = room in german)
11. Platz on Main or Cafe Platz
12. The Kichn
13. Kichn on Main -
14. Salvation - food for the soul ( You could serve good ole home cooking) ??
15. The Humble Rooster - sandwiches & sweets
16. Neu House - eatery
17. Cafe Neu - (Neu - new in German)

Tony Hardy

Hi nox,

Welcome to the forum. Why not head over the introductions and pop a post in there?

I'll have a think about the naming dilemma for you!


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names aren't really that important. The business will thrive on good branding and clear representation of the branding.
Start ups seem to believe catchy name with a twist is creative and the norm. It is not. A clear consistency in the brand delivery will do the trick.
A brand is not a name. A brand is a promise of consistency delivered through media and graphic execution.
Personally - I love Rooster, cept i would prefix it with something lateral and different. -


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I was thinking something based around 'cup' after the op then read berry's rooster comment and thought .... rooster cup.... that's my idea for the name :)


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yes but the op was on about chicken salad cups, fruit cups and coffee so cup works there too :)


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you definitely wouldn't forget the name unlike most of the ones the op came up with... or come up with trade mark issues (the range is a major retailer....)... but what do I know, I'm not a branding expert :)


I didn't think Berry was hairy like a gorilla.. in my mind he's a lot like a grumpy hairless cat :p LOL
Have you asked the client whether they can somehow define what they don't like about the names? That info can potentially help you in regards to an alternative direction.