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My Website

nice doom, I like the simplicity of it, how ever I think with the whole notepad style of it, its just a little too simple.

Too white I would say, your style uses a lot of colour and nice ways of blending them and I'd like to see that in the website too, perhaps in the background, the microdots are a little boring, perhaps making them into bigger circles, overlay a blue one and hey presto looking a little more like your style with the 3d glasses effect going on.

Also the image in "flight" needs to be re-sized to fit with the size of the rest of the images.

Personally I don't like the whole aligned to the left thing in websites. It's alright when your content fits the page, giving a continuous flow, but it feels misplaced when there's not a great deal of content and it's to the left, better centered I say!

All in all it's on the right track but with your style being pretty cool and "groovy" I think it needs a lot more work to fit in with that style with more colour and a more interesting feel.
Thanks for your comments!

I definitely agree with you on the colours, ill see about making them bigger/maybe adding more colours into the dotted background.

I didnt notice the image size of 'Flight', great spot - thank you!

I'm going to get started on these changes, thanks for your help!


Senior Member
Yeah it's pretty interesting and different! The fruit on the main page starts to repeat on the left on my screen ;)
Yeah, i'd agree with the colors and the idea of having it centered.

A few things don't seem most professional with content such as

today, i did nothing. the end.'

in the news feed does not give the best impression - maybe just think a little more about the content too.