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I'm about to launch myself as a 'proper' website design company. I have a site and would like some feedback.

Does the site fit the purpose?
Does it look professional?
In what way could I tweak it?

And any other comments would be welcome. (I know that the content for the portfolio section isn't finished)

the site is www.sunraymedia.co.uk
I voted average because to be honest it's a tad bland. I think for me it's a bit too dark, have you tried making the black background white? might just make it look a bit more appealing.

Also why the fading footer? Don't you want people to see you're on facebook and twitter?

The screenshots of dreamweaver and photoshop don't really work for me, why not use some examples from your portfolio?


Junior Member
I agree with Ben on that one, it's way too dark and contrasts too much, a white background would look ace, also maybe change the font in the main text under where you have "Middlesbrough Website Design" maybe make it smaller? I'm not sure but the font there doesn't quite look right to me..
I really like the layout overall though, well done there :)