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my site carefully updated...


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Okay, sometime ago I put my site up for critique, re-worked it, scrapped it, re-designed another version, etc. I've since been working with a grid layout design, minimalist, white-space, Drudge Report-type news site distance runners...

The layout is intended to be simple, and I know it's a lot of text. But the idea is present the visitor with a ton of news...I know it doesn't work well with IE6, but don't know how to change that...I'm working on it, but my hope is not high...

the cassidy feed

thanks for having another look...:)
Well if you're going for simplicity you nailed it. I would say though that the main headline or whatever seems kinda weird and when I see that Ithink it is the header to the site...which it isn't intended to be...I ended up scrolling down the entire page before I realized you had "the cassidy feed" on the top.

I would say make the header more prominent and also fix the look of the featured thing at the top...it looks good for your purpose though otherwise.


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I would make your header image the same width as your content. I know you went for simplicity but this is really a bit too simple for my taste...


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I think this is a good improvement on your last one. The only thing I would really suggest changing would be the font I'm really not keen on.... think it would be better as Arial and maybe georgia for the headings?

Also would probably be better if your links to other sites opened in a new window so your not completely directing people away from your site...


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the font is monospace...I know it's a little unusual. looks different. I took my design inspiration from the drudge report. I just wanted a plain, ordered newspaper-like feel that would invite people to read a variety of topics. I'm annoyed with the google api because sometimes it takes too long to load...don't know how to fix that, if that's even fixable. another extremely popular news running site is kind of like this LetsRun.com: Where Your Dreams Become Reality - and it's design is really scattered and dated, so I took a similar approach but wanted to clean it up.

I used a css library called Malo to order my columns, rows, etc. I really found that library easy to use and configure. I could have ordered everything in a variety of positions, break up the columns, etc. but I just found this to be more like a newspaper.

In IE, however, it looks like crap. I'll have to work on that..but I'm hopeless when it comes to IE.


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you can target a style sheet at ie only this will be the best way to iron out those bugs quickly. That Malo css libary looks interesting - ill check i out