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My redesigned website and its questions


Staff member
Ok first I would like to say, building a website is not my main field of work, I can maintain a site once its up and running (ie changing text and images etc) and I can build a very simple website as you can tell by my current site (I thought it was good when I did it :lol:).

There are clearly areas where I'm not very good and I take each revision to my site as a learning experience as I want to learn while I'm at it plus I'm of the view, I use google and atleast try to do it yourself first, then if it looks like a simple I 'missed something' issue I ask questions :)

Now for some questions - answers or links to sites (I've checked w3 schools) which can point me in the right direction will be greatly appreciated :)

1) In another thread on here we were on about adding h1 tags to images(or text). Now in that thread it was telling me to put the <h1></h1> at either end of the image src line ie (taken from new site)
<h1><img class="dsR863" src="[URL="http://www.designforums.co.uk/view-source:http://imageresolutions.co.uk/test/media/images/titles/welcome.jpg"]media/images/titles/welcome.jpg[/URL]" alt="Welcome" width="88" border="0" /></h1></div>
Now when I do this my image disappears. Any idea why its doing this, I'm using golive not dreamweaver but I added the h1 tags in the code window.

2) Is there an easy way to make a php form send a copy of the email to the sender as well as me?

3) Any decent resources about automatic redirects for mobile browsers and for browsers with javascript disabled. ie. You go to the homepage of my site and then you get redirected to either a site which is optimised for mobile use if you're on a phone/pda or if your browser has no javascript it takes you to a version of the site designed to use html pages instead of javascript 'liteshow' type pages.

For reference you can see the current state of affairs on the revised site here, its not finished yet, no images/video added and I still need to sort out the text/keywords/descriptions being used on pages as I want to make it flow a little better than my current site does.

Thanks in advance for any help :)

edit: feel free to rip it to shreds too :p