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My Photography :)


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Ok I'm going to give a little feedback (I do photography more as a hobby rather than anything seriously) as you wanted some :)
Now I'm not sure how you're taking the pictures etc but the things that I would have changed/done differently (based on your small images) are

1) Horizon, its not level but this can easily be solved in photoshop. I'm not sure about the background being enhanced either, I think it detracts from the foreground which I would have emphasised more. Theres also a single stem that looks closer on the right and as its blurred it doesn't quite fit with the others.
2) I'd have had the sand smoothed over, other than that the composition is pretty good etc in my view. One thing I was 50/50 over is the reflection on the lenses but as its small I couldn't really tell for certain - are you in it?
3) I'm going to put money on you not using a tripod for this picture. The composition is pretty good the waterfall fits in the middle third, the exposure is fairly good but its got camera shake which can ruin a decent photo :(.
4) I'd have zoomed out just a fraction more to get the whole poppy, could have done a lovely square image.
5) They grey doesn't seem punchy enough for my tastes, maybe try running adjusting the curves or playing with the red layer in photoshop. Watch your shadow too (bottom right)
6) Nice picture composition, punchy colours etc. Personally I don't like the distortion (that's down to the lens not you and could be fixed in photoshop if you wanted) and you've also got a couple of strands of grass in front of the tower which to me are quite distracting.
7) I'd have moved the subject further to the bottom left or centred it. The focus is slightly off, if you used autofocus it focused on the wood or you were too close. Nice polarisation on the wings though.
8) Simples :) It would have been a really really nice picture if it was in focus, the eyes are just out of focus and I've always been of the view that on any portrait (animal or human) the most important thing to have in focus is the eyes.

Now I don't mean the above to come over as too negative or anything as you do seem to have a good grasp of the basics, its just some of the minor details that you will notice more the longer you do photography, I started in my early teens (meaning I started over 15 years ago) and so I'm probably a little more aware of the little things. I will say if your photos were done using autofocus then I would spend a little time checking it all as that could kill a good photo, if its manual check your dioptre adjustment (on my nikon its on my eyepiece and compensates for glasses) if you have one or just spend that little bit longer on your focus or adjust the aperture to allow slightly more depth of field.
I agree with all Levi's points above. Good composition in all of them though. I personally hate the color/bw effect used in no. 5 but that's a matter of personal taste. :)


the meercat is very cool :) I personally like number 3 with the rushing water :) looks nice to me :)
After the much appreciated feedback from the other day I've decided to post up some more of my photography :)









Feedback again would be greatly appreciated :)


Staff member
Ok time for some feedback :)
1) Nice enough photo but I would have shifted to the left a bit more so that the water starts in the corner.
2) It seems to be missing something, maybe some post processing can bring it out some more
3) Sorry don't like that one
4) Not sure on this one, the bottom left wires don't help though.
5) to be honest with you it looks out of focus, needs a little more contrast on the red too. Would look nice cropped into a square
6) Crop it around the bee and the dandelion
7) Birds are difficult best of times, not too bad but I think the exposures off a little due to all the white (photoshop time :))
8) You chopped some of the neck off
I've been told that a good photo contains an invisible "S" - if you can trace a shape of an S in your photo then apparently the composition is probably half decent ^^
(love the sunset)