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My Personal Gallery


Junior Member
hi there, this is my personal gallery and i want to know what you people think about it ;P have a nice day u all, and thanks in advance.


(putting me my heavy sweater on for the critics)


Senior Member
Try introducing yourself first in the Introductions section first before asking for feedback. Once you have got involved in the forum Im sure people will have no problem giving you some critique.


Staff member
it's flash, took too long to load, stopped waiting. I would bet most of the design can be done in html too from what I saw after the first loading bar had finished...
Some really great work in your portfolio Fransisco! And I like the site design. But why Flash? There's absolute nothing on your site that justifies the use of Flash. The slide effect on your images can easily be done with a bit of jQuery.

And as it's a site that requires vertical scrolling, it's really annoying with the flash scroller as it doesn't allow me to use the scroll wheel on my mouse, so I have to manually drag the bar which is very frustrating. The first time I looked at your site I presumed you only had the top two images in your portfolio since I couldn't scroll down, and nearly left the site without seeing the rest of your work. Luckily I noticed the scroll bar just before leaving so I could see the rest.


Senior Member
Great collection here. Really high standard of work. Agreed on the Flash thing though, my mouse scroll wheel does work but it jumps in big chunks, very irritating.


Junior Member
thanks for the feedback people!! well some bad things happened and i was in a hurry and thats why i released the site like that, im trying to learn css+jquery right now but to tell you the truth i hate programing, coding and that aarrgss it makes me crazy and mad haha but wth... thanks for your opinions guys!


Active Member
When the site loaded up I thought, 'oooh that's neat' some neat subtle transitions on page load.

Then I realised its flash and closed the window.

That site should have been built in html, css, js not flash. What I saw of your work looks really nice though!


Junior Member
Have to say I love your work and the general look of the site. Really nice and clean, sets up your gallery really well.

I agree with what's been said by the guys above about flash,but tbh the only thing that really bugged me was not being able to scroll with the arrows on my keyboard.

Also, if you are gonna use flash, I think it would look much better if the layout stretched right across, I'm sure flash resizes itself for diff resolutions automatically anyway (I know nothing about flash lol)


Junior Member
thank you! for the feedback, and yes ill fix those things... i'll make the same design and site in css+jquery, but later cos i don't know anything about jquery ;P and im bussy with other stuff now, thanks for watching!