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My Personal Art


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Cool, have they ever crossed over into your project work? Or always been kept completely separate? I'm really interested in having some personal projects aside from my freelance work, really want to get into photography it's just having the time to start as ever!

The top one looks like it could be an album cover for some trendy band :)
Thanks mate! Nope, never crossed over, I leave the outstanding art to my team hehe. Like you, I'm dying to do more personal stuff - I'm craving getting into videography but just dont have the time these days!


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Ahh cool, should have a chat with Peter from Cracking Media (member here) he does some video work for his clients :)

Forgot to say when I was talking about photography, Lee showed me some of his shots in his Flickr account the other week and got to say I was really impressed (Q for Lee to post his Flickr link ;))

But yes unfortunately always comes down to time... or a distinct lack there of!