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My own site / portfolio page

I saw this and though wow. Truthfully it isnt the most flashy in the world but you get kudos on two levels - u used Wordpress to do it XD and its easy to use.

The only critique I can think of is the header. Why the clouds? Does it have a purpose in your design?


Junior Member
Thank you JeD, this is easy to do in WordPress as you can create as many templates as you want.

Yes, I know what you mean about the header I just had it a light blue gradient and it looked too boring. I was thinking of amalgamating the nav bar into the header box - but I tried lots of things for the header and no great inspiration so far.

I have changed it a bit, bunched up the thumbnails onto two lines: Design portfolio | Graphic and Web Designer London UK


Senior Member
I made a website similar to this a long time ago (I'm not accusing you of ripping it, don't worry lol) — and I felt quite good about myself back then. Nowadays though, it's not really up to standards with my more recent work (none of which is publicly accessible btw). And I'm sure you feel very good about yourself right now too, and that's more than fair. Like JeD said, it works well, it runs on WP, has some sleek CSS3 and you've taken accessibility into account. So all that tells me you know what you're doing. Design-wise though it feels a little outdated to me. But I see potential in you (which probably sounds weird coming from me :p) and you should just keep up the good work because I think you're gonna make it :up: