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My own personal blog

Hi all,

I have recently put live my own blog. I have been meaning to create one for years, but never had the time. But I have now got the bull between the horns and finished it!

Its all built around wordpress as that is my favoured blogging tool. I have also used Cufon for some of the headers and navigation.

Still got a few tweaks to introduce, but would like your thoughts on it:

Peter Johnstone – The personal blog of a website designer from Motherwell
its pretty cool like the background and the header ... personaly dont like to much that pinky color and the font used as well. its just my thought! :D
Hi John,

The layout is broken in IE7 and the menu items are overlapping.

The design is very poor in my humble opinion. My first impression was that it looks like a bad Myspace page to be honest. I also couldn't figure out what I was looking at initially. It's a blog, but a blog about what? Perhaps you should introduce a tagline or description of what you do and what the blog/site is about?

I'm not keen on the fonts you have used either, and the typography is poor in general I think. Too much stuff going on. The pink text really clashes with the rest and hurts my eyes. I feel that it would look much better if you got rid of the pink and stuck with just yellow. You have some good elements there. The header with your name looks good and I like the background image. I think you just need to simplify everything a bit and work a lot more on the typography.

Sorry if that was a bit harsh. I hope it's also constructive in some way! :)

Cheers for the feedback.

And interesting that you both felt the pink font was a bit too much!

The IE7 issue is a strange one as it works fine on IE8 - The site uses Cufon to replace the nav and header tags.

I might look at removing the pink and going with a different colour - might calm it down a bit!

As for a blog description I was 50/50 about putting something in. Its a personal blog about whats going on in my life - nothing more than that. But I think you are right a wee intro duction on me might be the right way forward.
No worries John. I just looked at it at home, and on 1680x1050 and above, the background cuts off on the right. Perhaps you could fade it into the background color to avoid this? I see what you mean about the description. I guess I was just a bit confused cause you also have portfolio work etc. on the site and not only the blog.


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Apart from the fact that the copy is far too tight to the end of the page and the people graphics looks a bit 1970's...I know I sound cruel but that's me!. I would lose any common speak like 'mate' etc. This is still graphic communication not pub fodder. If you want to be taken seriously then take yourself seriously, even if it's in fun. Separate yourself from the 'lads' a bit. then they will listen. Design communication should empower, lead and dictate, not reflect. It's all about Leaders and Followers...Are you the supporter or the Player? Work that one out and its a piece of cake.....


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Perhaps you could fade it into the background color to avoid this?
Sounds stupid but that has never crossed my mind before I will make a mental note for the future for my self, good point buddy.

I've actually just changed my latest project based on that bit of advice as well so cheers. :)