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My New Website

Hi everyone,

Before you go ahead and judge my 'rubbish' html skills, i knew nothing about html until last week. I have managed to build this using the help of google etc and i admint i am now einstein at web design. I basically wanted to be a cheapskate and attempt it myself.

If you could go easy on me and maybe add some suggestions as you are the pro's:)

Also at the top of my homepage, i have the gray/white stripey banner, anyone know which part of my coding i need to take out/adjust to make it dissapear?


hi sam, it looks nice and clean, i quite like the grey stripes by the way, i think all the elements themselves look good but the main problem for me is the stretchy layout that adjust according to the width of the browser, my monitor is pretty wide and it totally throws away what looks like a nice design, so my main advice is to use a fixed width and design to that witdth specifically to have full control on the design, .. see more here... Best Practices Fixed vs. Liquid Layouts: A Totally Biased Comparison
good work Sam, the style is fresh and easy on the eye. I agree with Matt, with it being a flexible width everything seems to be a little all over the place. If it was a fixed width it would much easier to navigate around the page with everything at a glance. The navigation bar for example I feel should be aligned to the left as typically the top-left of the page is the first place a viewer will look.

Personally I would have your logo design over-lapping the grey stripes with the dotted line being an underine for the text, then having the navigation menu settled in under the text hanging from the dotted line. Everything in a website should be on an "invisible path", one thing leading from another, my rule for easy navigation, but then again I've only been doing web design for roughly 6 months so who am I to say :( lol
Thanks Glen, i managed to find it out, it was mainly the css part of it. But after a few red bulls i seemed to be on fire.

What do you think to my new template?

Please don't be too blunt lol i have only been doing web design like 2 weeks. I had never seen it before lol.



Junior Member
I really like the website!!! Better than some professional web designers!

Only thing is when you click on portfolio, services, clients or contact the black background on the home does not move.