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My new illustration website

Hi all!

Right after deciding to get myself into the illustration scene and putting together a good few images for my portfolio, I feel I finally have enough good ones to redesign my site to make me more of an illustrator than design.

Please have a look and feel free to leave your comments on what's good, what should change, or even what needs to go!

Be kind..........



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Beware of designing portfolio websites that require plugins to view. If a busy possible client tries to look at your site with their iPhone like I just did, they'd have little luck looking at your work and you'd have a missed opportunity on your hands.

I'm not saying you shouldn't make use of flash or whatever, just to be aware of the fact not all devices can view it.
Thanks for that Typo lol, but that's just the start, i've got a lot more to offer in terms of illustration, what you see at the moment is just what I've been able to put together in the last month or so but I have much more planned to boost it. Watch this space i say!

You're quite right Jim but the gallery app i'm using only requires Flash so really in this day and age everyone should have it installed, well that's in terms of publishers and anyone I'd be marketing too.
quite right, but the market i would be targeting isn't really the general public, it would generally be firms or other people with some link to the creative industry, if they don't have flash installed on their browser then they would probably not be able to view half the stuff on the internet, i say that with that my full time job is an IT manager, yet certainly not my ambition.
Hi Ben,

I would make the background more simple, maybe just a solid colour. At the moment the background pattern repeats, giving it a bit of a fish scale look.

I am using a Flash gallery on my website, which is up for a redesign today. Though you could try using Lightbox or Highslide, which are both JS based.
Hi Phil, thanks I wasn't too sure on the background either. I think i'll play around with solid backgrounds as you said. I chose this gallery after seeing it used on another illustrators website, i used to use lightbox but I wanted to use something that fitted in better. To be honest I'm not a web designer at all, just dabble, this gallery was just easy to set up and I felt it just seemed to fit in with the design of the site.
I think you are using SimpleViewer - the gallery is definitely presented well. And although I'm not an Illustrator I think you're portfolio is a good start. It's good to be multi-skilled!
Thanks Carma, yes absolutely, I've never really been one to stick to one media, I like to experiment, lately I've just taken my love of fine art and just tried using it in other medias such as cartoon for the line work, still a lot of work needed though of course.


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