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My most recent portfolio (Version unlimited)


Senior Member
This is one of the many version I designed for my own portfolio, but one of the very few that I considered worth the effort in coding. A miserable attempt at recreating my own mini-me *cough*.

Should I finish coding the other pages?
EDIT: the text was ripped from wikipedia :p


Senior Member
liking it :D

i think the mini-me is suiting to the site's environment, and i generally get an optomistic feel from the site, like you know what you're doin too.

am i right, DF?


hmmm. I'm not sure. I like the direction its going in but overall it feels a little bit floaty in places.

The headers ('welcome' & 'recent projects') don't look as if they match with the rest of the site and I think that left hand side is a liitle wide. Plus, why haven't you got that logo in you designed?

I'd love to see that on a website.prehaps with a layout more like this Web design birmingham | Web site design west midlands | Branding | Interior design | Design agency birmingham | 383 Project


Senior Member
The logo was not implemented for the simple fact that the logo is only a few days old while the layout is a couple weeks old :)