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My logos/graphics

Hello Everyone,
I have been designing some stuff lately in illustrator and I just want to hear the critiques ( don't be easy on me ). ( the lowest ones were created earlier )
Sorry posted it in the wrong category can you move it to portfolio?

Gamefries logo or graphic ( don't think it fits as a logo though )

Ninja cartoon ( for some random guy made :D )

Mushcontent's logo

A logo for myself
To be honest with all the logos there is just too much going on. We have a saying here on the forum KISS (keep it simple stupid). mixing illustration with logo work either really works or doesnt and I'm afraid your level of illustration doesnt quite match up to being used with logos. Also with the effects, loose them. You always have to think about what the logo would look like in black and white, using loads of effects will just make the logo get lost in mono.

Next thing is font choice. The font is always what really sells the logo, if you use the wrong font the logo just looks crap.

Its great that you have put up examples here for critique but to be brutally honest everything here is very basic. Have a look at everyone else's work, check out blogs for designers and see what rules they follow. Being a design and illustrator myself I try and keep the two separate, and if im going to use illustration in a logo i make sure its minimal.