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My logo


Junior Member
Hay there, here is my logo design/re-branding that i have been working on.
I would appreciate any feedback/Crit on the design as i have been in the graphic design
industry for a year now and am looking to improve my skills.

The brief i gave myself was that i wanted to create a clean modern logo that would re-produce well across
multiple platforms. As a the previous designs that i produced whilst studying design were week, in that they
were overly technical the design had to be simple yet stand out from other competitors.


Active Member
Hi Javo,

Welcome to Design Forums.
Please take a quick read of the sticky for requesting logo design feedback: http://www.designforums.co.uk/logos-identity/7352-please-read-posting-your-work-feedback.html

Post some surrounding information, or even better the design brief together with your work, it's very difficult to receive useful feedback without this information as the work has no context. The more information you can provide the better your feedback is likely to be.