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My Logo

Any particular reason for the positioning used? The offset of the image against the text doesn't seem quite right to me, too far apart to look like one logo. Doesn't really seem to give a sense of what kind of company the logo is representing either :confused:
I like the blue though :D


Senior Member
Blue is near on identical to the DF blue :D

Like pangolin said, it doesn't portray who you are/what you do/what you provide?

I also think there's much better font choices to be made for the word vivid, and something typographic/creative could be done with the word! The logo image, does it represent anything or is it something so you have a graphic to use with the word? It kind of looks like an after thought to me, as if you felt you needed a graphic with the type to make it a logo.
I reckon if you tinkered with the word vivid you could make up a wicked logotype with it


Senior Member
I agree with adam (kudosis) the letters in vivid are very nice, if that makes any sense - theyre easy forms to work with and construct something really great.

Too me the pattern/form in the top left is just random and like someone said, just there because you felt there should be something there.

Definately try re-working the vivid text and drop the circles