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My latest uni assignment


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Hi everyone, I would like some feedback on my latest project for uni. We are tasked to design an CD single cover for one of six songs, I have chosen 'There is a light that never goes out' by The Smiths. The brief stated we are not use any images, just type (type as image module).



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It looks fantastic, the only thing that doesn't quite sit 'right' is the arrangement in the top left of the right hand half. It looks like it should say/represent something, but (as far as I can tell) it doesn't. It gets attention for the wrong reasons at the moment.


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It says 'lyrics' its an abstract jumble of letters basically, it does not distract form the main front cover image of the face though as the 'lyrics' page is the inside front cover so the images are not seen side by side when placed in a CD case


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Ah reyt, well it was pretty hard to make out. It does look amazing though.

EDIT: My boss, (the Creative Director) just saw this over my shoulder and is seriously impressed. Four thumbs up :clap:


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Great work Kate, that looks excellent, nice idea and even better execution.
Out of interest how long did it take you to put the final artwork together?
I think its stunning. the only things I would say are that with only the left side of the neck visible, the definition of the right side of the face seems too defined. But really its nit picking, as I said, its stunning. Send it to Morrissey!
Thanks DS, I have to agree with your idea ... however when i tried that out it just looked odd for some reason the face seemed to lose definition, so i'll leave it as it is :)


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it looks amazing! only thing i dont like is the "lyrics" thingy, didn't read it as lyrics, in fact just tried to forget it as I couldn't understand it lol

and Berry saying "looks nice" is "looking spectacular" to the average joe.


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i meant like the part where all the 6 letters of "lyrics" are joined up, mentioned before in first reply... i couldn't read it :)


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Hey Purplegurl I think the CD cover is really cool - good job!

I think the poster loses something without the worn paper background, and maybe the head needs a bit more space around it (a bit smaller)?
I like it.

The type image on the front is very very strong.

What about losing the 'The Smiths" from the front and having it central on the back with song title.

The back is doing it for me - maybe a cleaner rear is needed?