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My Graphic Design Portfolio



Hello im new to the forums and I have created a porfolio for my works please look at the blog and give me some good and constructive comments please..
BTW im 13 and not as experienced as others from here so go easy on me..


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Good job on the SwissFinancialJobs logo. I don't know which one did win, but maybe if you had taken out some of the needless effects (such as the bevel on the white cross and the poorly executed glow on the text), you might have come in first place.

The second logo is good too, assuming that you made the globe icon yourself. Although I have to point out that both of the logos are poor quality as in they are blurry and unclear. I don't know if this is because of the way you're saving them, or if you are simply distorting shapes in Photoshop itself.

But anyway, I think there is some potential here, but don't narrow your mind to only logos just because you get good comments on them.


Thank you for your time to post the reply..

Yes the logos are quite blurry because the way I was resizing wasnt properly done and thanks for the constructive critique for the SwissFinancialJobs logo



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(Hopefully this doesn't sound patronising)

For 13 you have a lot of potential.

I like parts of the Green Energy Global logo, the globe itself is pretty good, same with Sure Internet Solutions.


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I agree with fred that for 13 year old there is potential.

I'm going to be a little more critical though (sorry), ignoring the site and looking at the work.

Just about all your logo's use some sort of layer effect (or similar) in photoshop, try and do some that aren't so 'web 2.0' (ie glossy etc) and are purely based on flat colours. Your current ones would be fine for a website but if you were to start using them for things like a printed banner then the gradients would be a lot more expensive to produce. Also with flat ones, you can always add a web 2.0 look to it if you wanted to on a website, its not always so easy to take it away.
You'll learn more about this etc as you go along during your schooling.

Now I have nothing against photoshop, its just that it really limits the scalability of your designs and generally speaking illustrator is the app of choice for logo's due to the way it works (vectors) so I would look into learning that too.


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Hi Mohammad,
Welcome to DF. Good post by Levi btw.
At 13 you have some good potential so I'll cut you some slack.
Regarding the website - You need a secondary accent colour for the site as it has a dour all blue tone to the whole thing. I would lose some of the links as it dominates your work. Make the masthead bigger to use the space and I'm not a lover of the graduated background, makes it feel incomplete.

Regarding the work, some decent stuff in there - despite the heavy blue bias to all the work.
As Levi said, put away the flashy Photoshop effects and concentrate on strong flat logo design. A good logo should always look good in black and white. When showing a design, show how that would work in black only as well. The other thing is to create a lot more space around the logo to make it breathe and be showcased. It is too cramped, put it in a square shape. Also the graduation effect over the logo is pants it makes the designs muddy, lose it. Show the design as pure as you can.and in the best possible way.

Be wary, do not let Photoshop dictate your design or your thinking. Otherwise it will turn you into a one dimentional superficial designer. Idea first, application second. Good Luck

PS: Try this copy in your intro:
"My name is Mohammad Fuaath and I am a 13 year old student, with a love for Graphic Design. In this blog you will see demonstrations of some of my designs and Photoshop skills, as well as links to other useful graphic designing webs.

Constructive critiques in my works are always welcome to enable continual progress and development.

If you are starting a new business and would like a Corporate Identity I am willing to discuss this on a speculative basis."



Thank you for your time to comment on my portfolio, It was really helpful and your version of my introduction was very professional and I have used it in the website.

Thank you for your critique Levi, It was really helpful and I will remember what you said in my future works and Xenosoft thanks for your comment aswell


i wonder if they just don't realise that they're doing it ... or just think "he won't mind" ?


Oh has he? he comes to my school and he saw my blog and all the WONDERFUL comments and decided to copy it exactly even the counter style and the Layout, so CLEVER isnit? He thinks you shouldnt learn from tutorials and learn from yourself LOL

I am quiet pissed off though for copying my layout but I guess it won't wont be nowhere good as mine JK


Bad times Mo.

Worth sending him off an email telling him to change his design?

I can't do anything about that can I?