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My first WordPress Blog

It like it. It's a lovely clean layout, straight to the posts as well. Some blogs i see have millions of columns and it just looks cluttered. Good job, :)
Well Im hoping to take a lot of photographs and want the blog to focus on that rather then various links and adverts etc. Also, with hoping to take a lot of photo's I though the thumbnail and lightbox would make better use of space and look less cluttered.

Thanks Ant


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I like it! Nice and clean.

Consider making the line length a bit shorter as it becomes hard to read when that wide.

The green compliments pretty well in the header but personally don't think it works so well in the footer. I think you loose the feel a little on the comments too - where you have the headings in a thick brown block - that could look a lot nicer if the copy was brown with just a thin line below.


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It's a very nice, clean layout, and I disagree with Andy, I think the green works well in the footer.

I think the main drawback for me is the lack of interactivity on the thumbnails. As a user I always want a little bit of response if something is clickable. I think that's doubly important in this case, since those photos might be mistaken merely for aesthetic embellishment, rather than for the interactive content that they are.

Also, your link identifiers are inconsistent. For instance, in the Tag section, they're brown text with a brown background with an underline on hover, but you use that same format to highlight the input fields in the comments section, which aren't links at all. The link in the post navigation section is in green with no hover state. In the footer, the links are undecorated with just a change background color for the hover, then below the footer the Pixel Boutique link is just a darker color with an underline hover state. I know this is a nitpicky detail, but having a definite link identifier really helps streamline a users experience across a site.

Still, a very good start.

Thanks for the feedback and I do kinda like the green footer myse;f.

I agree with your thumbnail comment, however im a little of unsure on how to correct this at the moment. Any ideas?

I'll take another look at the links.
Is there a plugin or way of automatically getting a border (with padding) around certain images without manually doing it myself for every image? Or anything similar? x


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just Do it in your CSS!

.container img {
border:1px solid #333;

or just wordpress's css classes

img.alignleft, img.alignright {
This wordpress is causing me to turn grey!

I installed Lightbox Plus plugin and it worked like a charm. Yesterday I was playing around with my image borders (which was my previous issue that I have now solved) and also installing the PageNavi plugin. Now today for some reason (unknown to myself, the lightbox plugin has decided to stop working. It's activated and I haven't touched the settings and I can't get it to work :(

Anyone have any ideas as to why?
Hippy Sunshine: Visual Diary...

Thanks x
Nice blog HippySunshine. Really like the colours. I'd maybe up the font size of the body text by one if you keep it to Georgia, it's a bit hard to read in very large resolutions (for me anyways, but I'm an old fart). You could also play around with using a sans-serif for body text. I think it would give a nice contrast to the Serif headings and go well with the same type of mix you have with your logo and the 'visual diary' serif font in your header.

Just played around with it in Firebug. (using Arial with a size of 1.2em and a 2em line-height).

Where are you going travelling by the way? :)

EDIT: You could also try the headings in Italic. Georgia looks awesome in bold italic. :) And it could tie in with the 'Visual Diary' being italic as well.