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My First Portfolio Website


Junior Member
It's been a few months since I began learning my HTML and CSS.
I wish I could add more cool stuffs to my website... like flash and stuff.
Hopefully, I will update my website as I go on with my flash study.
So this is it for now.

Hope you enjoy it and any comments will be appreciated.


(* still working on the IE browser...)


Junior Member
Really nice design! I'm loving your style, true blend of CSS and Photoshop (if you use it) capabilies. Putting me to shame now ;)

I love the coloured picture to black & white on the index page.
Also browser is firefox, working fine, nothing out of place. Nice coding.
Hi Joon,

Welcome to DF! :)

I like the design and the general style. I personally think the black text is quite hard to read on the dark background however. Perhaps you could try adding a bit more contrast between background and text? Perhaps white text, or a slightly lighter background color?

Color scheme is a bit dull I think. It looks great on the home page with the light brown/coffee color on the milk bottle etc mixed with the grey. Maybe you could incorporate that into the rest of the design?

I'd go more subtle on the effects as well. Perhaps reduce the noise in the background a tiny bit and tone down the drop shadows on your images.

Looks great though!