My First Book Is Published!


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Hi everyone!

Some of you might know I've been designing & illustrating a brilliant book for kids, written by John Tierney, all about a pair of mischievous youths and their misadventures involving The Phoenix Street Fire Service! Part cautionary tale, part educational.

It's finally been published!

It's on sale now, and it's fantastic! It's only £6.99 and it's chock full of full-colour illustrations and fantastic characters!

Have a look here:

Soon to be available at Amazon and Waterstones too.

Watch out, here's the synopsis!

"Fires are just one of the many challenges a firefighter must deal with in a busy inner city fire station today... Jack and Tommy are another!
They go on an unstoppable spree of mindless misbehaviour, never realising the consequences and the effects their antics have on the people around them, until they themselves become the victims of their own recklessness!"

This book is based on a collection of real events and is a tribute to all fire-fighters who have to deal with similar incidents every day.

Paperback ISBN: 9781780354163

If anyone's interested, it's perfect for kids aged 7-12.

Let me know what you think too, we'll welcome all feedback as we're already working on the next one.


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Thanks Greg, it is a little strange, seems odd looking at the press release too. I'm just glad it's finished! Much faster turnaround anticipated for the next one though.


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At my kids school there is an author (Peter J Murray) and his son who illustrates the books that visits occasionally to do readings and stuff.

The kids, especially mine love this and every kid in the school owns all his works as a result.
You ought to get out on the school circuit mate. You'll be minted!


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John Tierney, the author, just did a smashing interview with Sean Styles on BBC Radio Merseyside this morning! :)
I'll be posting it on the Facebook page once I've nicked it from the BBC iPlayer in a day or two.