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My First 3D attempt


Senior Member
I know they're based on a tutorial but they turned out great anyway. Are you gonna continue and use them in a composition? :up:
Yer they were based on a tutorial named 'A string of Pills' i believe.

But tbh i got fed up of the guy takin' his time and figured it out myself. I have a composition gridded out, its my task for the weekend:)
I downloaded google sketchup - the free 3d software - need to play with it more i think, not sure if il be able to create pills like those in it though ;)
lol, thanks for the comments guys:)

@Iain - They are quite simple to create, it's just knowing how to do it.
@Jimlad - lol like your comment, i am looking at launching my own vitamin company so i am just playin' around. Its good business when the cold weather hits us!

I will upload my vitamin containers tomorrow if i can find them:)