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My 1st real design


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Isn't all criticism on the piece constructive, you just have to find the use of the criticism?

Anyway :)

What is it? Why's the silhouette so pixelated (I can probably guess)


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Shortleyy said:
i had to resize it and it went pixelated.
constructive criticism? Before you scale something up, don't.

Is this piece for commercial use? Uni? Portfolio?

Because if it is the later, there are loads of stock sites that will have something similar to the elements you need that are free to download and will be high enough res that you can use them in A2 300dpi files, I know, I've used them!

You have something alright going on, but the pixelated detail is a total no go. It will make your work look 2nd rate.

How much of this did you make yourself?
try and have a look at creating something vector buddy, have square looking people loosk bad, the design aint tooo bad but a little more information on what its for would be good.
Just make that line color more lightning :D its pretty amazing already. it depends for what purpose is this poster... if is "person garbage", dont get me wrong :D i just talk that way, you can make many changes you want because the only purpose is making this poster visual and pretty cool. if there is some porpuse you need to tell us and focus on that. Imagine that this poster is for tell him old people like my grand mother that they need to make exercise ?!!!? that poster would be fun and ridiculous :D


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too much glow... it feels quite loose until you come across the silhouette aswell, it doesnt seem well constructed in that sense.

good for the first real design tho.


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looks like a windows logon screen with a dancer overlayed... without a brief letting us know the purpose can't say whether it's been a successful design or not...
It's because it's not for ant specific purpose it's something that just came into my head so I thought I'd give it ago as I had never done anything like this before.