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Museo Logo

Discussion in 'Logo Design & Brand Identity Forum:' started by kdk12, Jan 7, 2013.

  1. kdk12

    kdk12 New Member

    Hello all,

    So, for all my sins I have used Museo for a logotype. This was before last night, when, to my horror I began to realise the general concencus amongst the design community is that it is highly overused, and even worse, 'the new comic sans'. However I am too far down the line to go back, the client is happy with the logo (as I was), and it has already been signed off.

    I am here to ask peoples opinion on what complimentary fonts they would reccomend for use on stationary/website etc. I am thinking Frutiger for general copy, but wondered what you all might reccomend for a Header font? Minion perhaps? Any opinion very much appreciated.

    Many thanks in advance.
  2. LovesPrint

    LovesPrint Member

    I always think it's an almighty shame to restrict yourself in terms of fonts at all, there are so many pretty ones! Just make sure you choose fonts fit for purpose - that's the main bug bear with comic sans, it's that it's used in the wrong context (for example, used in a warning sign).
  3. Paul Murray

    Paul Murray Moderator Staff Member

    If you think the typeface suits the brand, and your client is happy, then don't worry about it. Helvetica is overused, but it still suits certain situations very well. Don't listen to the snobs.
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  4. kdk12

    kdk12 New Member

    Thanks Paul, good to get a bit of reassurance. Loving your Everything for Effect work.

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