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Multilingual fonts

Hi there,

Just wondering - do you folks do much work in multiple languages? If so, how do you go about choosing a font that's going to support the needed character sets (e.g. Russian, or some of the less usual Latin characters). I know you can check what languages a font claims to support in Font Book... although that comes from info provided by the font designer so it depends on how much you trust them!

And another scenario, lets suppose you were doing an English language artwork for a company called, "über café" - you'd want to make sure your font supported the ü and the é but you wouldn't if it was missing support for any other non-ASCII character.

How do you folks approach this kind of problem? Interested to hear!


p.s. Yes, it is because I have an idea for a new app... ;-)


Staff member
well I'd go to the 'start menu' and type charmap (character map). Once open I'd select the font and then look for the character either by it's alt code or by looking at the pictures.....

Not that I actually need those types of letters much