Multigraphics 1450CD for sale


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Hi all, new to the forum, have read some very interesting posts, I could learn a lot from these alone, I am mainly a printer and just dabble at design, and need to dispose of a printing machine to fund a new computer, to give it its full name it would be 'AM Multigraphics 1450CD, from the people who made the old 'Multiliths'. It's an A3 single colour press with chain delivery, and was kept as a back-up machine and so has done very little work indeed. It looks almost brand new, has just completed a 35,000 run at 9,000 sph and lost about 3 sheets, there is no wear in any part of the machine. Now the sad bit, it fell over in the back of a van whilst being delivered to a customer's premises and has a few bent shafts, broken hand-wheel but still has a useful life, if anyone has got an ageing 1450 or 1650 (they are almost the same machine), and wants to replace the few bent shafts, you would have a machine with many years of service in it, they are cheap to run, simple to maintain and easy to run, if anyone is interested let me know, looking for around £1200, thanks for reading, pete