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Mozilla Move Developer Tools Into Firefox


Staff member
Don't think it's quite what you're thinking it is Sean...it's primary purpose is for firefoxOS and firefox webapps development but seeing as how they're 'html' based you could use it for a site if you wish.

Sean Lee-Amies

You can edit HTML, CSS and JS. Sounds like it will work perfectly fine for basic websites. Yes, it is for web apps primarily, but it's still cool.


Senior Member
It looks interesting although it doesn't appear to have any sort of code hinting which comes in handy if you like to vaguely mash at your keyboard.

Sean Lee-Amies

Ahh, I need my code hinting, it's annoying having to type out things like text-decoration... auto closing of divs is nice too, I'm sure they'll get round to all this stuff in the future, if it takes off.