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moving into the video production business?


Junior Member
i just graduated from digital art and design and im really interested in doing video production. but i really have no idea what's the consequences and what to expect. can someone please tell me.:confused:
Have you done video before?

I would suggest a short course to see if it is something you really want to do. Video is expensive to invest in compared to graphic design and the timeframes involved in developing any video is massive and very intense.

I've done a fair bit of video in the last year and it's a great discipline to get involved in, but it's something you've got to really love doing.


Junior Member
i have done several videos throughout college and stuff. for starters i plan to find a production and work with them for awhile because i didnt get that much knowledge and experience during college years. i've been told that it's pretty hectic and you move around alot. basically this would be new for me so i dont really know what to expect or what i need to prepare for when i start finding for a job like this.