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Moving into printing?

I've been bequeathed an A1 size printer. It was in a pretty poor state when I got it - although it worked, it wasn't long until the belt snapped and other things went wrong with it. I agonised over it and thought that I had one of 2 options - get it fixed and sell it, or get it fixed and make money out of it. The third option was to forget about it and bin it. So I took a chance - got it fixed for 550 of your finest British Pounds (it's worth approx £800 now so if I were to sell it I'm £250 up on the deal!) so now it needs to pay for itself.

Before it broke, I had a client, also bequeathed to me, who was a motivational speaker and used flipcharts in his presentations. He moved on when the printer went ping.

Basically, I'm an artworker and designer, and to add the extra facility of a large format digital printer seems like the dream deal - but I'm having trouble making it work.

Where would I look for new clients? Basically I have no more money to throw at this, after the repair costs. I have some paper, I have some ink (not a lot of each) but I've tried colleges, schools, training establishments and the like, but they all seem sorted. Anyone else have any ideas - starting to worry about this now!!! Looks like option 1 might be rearing its ugly head...