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Moving a wordpress site!

Hi all,
Been a member for a while and just come back to see there are a few more people about.
I have a wordpress site hosted on my domain and need to move it to the clients domain.
What is the best way to move it. I have used duplicator plugin in the past but the hosting I am using doesn't allow it to work correctly.
I've read online a few ways to move it but am looking for a step by step dummies guide to the move and update of urls etc.
The only way I can get the site away from my host is to download it to my computer via filezilla. I'm hoping to download it, do a find change on a few files and then upload it to the new host via filezilla, but I'm sure there is more to it. I've read that you can use the export feature within wordpress but other tuts don's suggest this.
If anyone knows of a ste-by-step guide that would be great. Don't want to lose a months work by pressing a wrong button

Tony Hardy

Just make sure you have copies of copies of copies of backups of copies. (You get the point).

Then, I'd do it your way. FTP down, change files, FTP up.
That's the plan. I'll have copies on every computer and drive I own I think.
Do you know of any how to guides online. Not sure what files I'm changing and if I need to export from the wordpress dashboard. What I have found online is inconsistent
Thanks again
It will depend on the hosting set-up, but the guide I wrote for our clients may give you a good general overview: https://support.terranetwork.net/web/knowledgebase/162/Moving-WordPress-to-another-domain.html
In short:
* upload files via FTP
* create an empty database, import SQL file via PHPMyAdmin
* update wp-configure file with database connection details
* and manually change URL references in database via PHPMyAdmin
Hope this helps, anything else please ask, happy to help!


Senior Member
If you've done the whole site on your hosting, you should use something like WP-Migrate plugin or WP-DB-Manager to migrate the whole database over. All the page content (if done in the WYSIWYG editor) you've put in is stored in the database and not the main theme files.
It's not usually a case of downloading the folder then reuploading, you're better off exporting the database, doing a clean install of WP onto the clients hosting, install your theme and then import the database back just to make sure.
Like others have said, BACK UP BACK UP BACK UP
Thanks for all the replies
I managed to get a a plugin called 'duplicator' to work, so it was just a case of downloading a zip file of the site along with an installer file that allowed me to transfer without any coding etc.
Only thing I had to change was a few redirect links and download buttons
Moving it was more stressful than signing off a million run of leaflets!