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movie high quality!


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Hi guys, been a while - again! Ive been so busy lately but right now dont have the time to talk!

My final art piece is due in within a week and ive got a load of high quality video that I need to put together in iMovieHD 6.0.4

My videos are 1500x1000px in dimension and whenever i import them and save them as quicktime from iMovie they get smaller in dimension and distorted! NOT GOOD!

Anyone know how I can get around this!?

Thanks guys,

would appreciate quick replys!


P.s. Hope you all had a good christmas!
Not sure about iMovie as I've never used it, but it sounds like a setting in your sequence setting (as it's known in Final Cut). Try having a look at project or sequence or composition settings — there should be something which asks you what frame size you'd like to work in, which is probably defaulting to something other than 1000 x 1500 (which is a very odd frame size by the way).

Having said all that, iMovie might not give you the option of a custom made frame size. What exactly are you trying to achieve? What's the delivery/output requirements? Maybe you should consider resizing your frame to a standard HD setting, 720p (or i) for example, which is 720 pixels high by 1280 wide.

Tom Sound

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I think when you export the movie it gives you an option in the video output options where you can set a custom size. Not got the HD software here so can't check, but it definitely does on iMovie 3. :up:


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Toms right - make sure you check the export settings are set to 1500x1000.
Editing packages will always try to default to a standard SD or HD size unless you force them not to.

Tony Hardy

Hahahaha. That's how badly the forum needs a kick of life. Was that on the first page in here?