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Mountain Bike Clothing Design


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Not really sure where to post this so, Mods, feel free to move it.

I run a downhill mountain bike club called Nine Point Eight and earlier today I took delivery of our new kits. I think they turned out really good so thought I post some pics.

For those of you who are interested, they were printed using dye-sublimation so every element of the design is part of the material instead of being overprinted onto an existing top. :)



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Not sure why but for some reason they're saying ice hockey to me rather than mountain biking. Still nice though.


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Thanks dudes!

Greg - We didn't pay for them, our sponsor did :up:

They're not that expensive actually. They came to roughly £35 per shirt. You could easily pay £40+ in the shops depending on the brand. Obviously the quantities play a big part in the price. The minimum run is 10 which cost £45 each.

Levi - Ice Hockey? now that you mention it I can see that too... I think it's probably the angle I took the photos making them looking bigger and baggier than they actual are. That and the huge number on the back.

Mike - lol, get on it