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Motivational letter for an Academy

Hello guys,
I am applying to this art academy in the Netherlands and I would be really grateful if you give me your feedback on this motivational letter.

The academy sent me a few questions to answer:

Why do you want to study at the Graphic Design Department of the KABK?
How did you know that the Graphic Design Department was a possible place for you to study?
How did you get acquainted with the subject graphic design?
What do you expect from a study Graphic Design? Which subjects are essential for you?
This department is very international orientated, with students from all over the world. We find this a very positive development. What do you think and how can this influence your study?
Which exhibitions, books, news, travels are of interest to you? Does this input influence the work you make? How does this work for you and how can we see this?
If you should describe a dream project, how would this look?
Probably wishful thinking, but how do you want to manifest yourself as a designer/artist? What are your plans/dreams?

Dear [to the committee members],
I am writing to you regarding my application to the Academy.

The reason I crave to enrol in the Graphic Design Department is because KABK stands out with its desire to constantly evolve. Initially the building excited me, conveying the sense of modernity and inspiring atmosphere. But what delighted me were the pioneering innovations in its practice and excellency of education. And as I researched more, I was convinced that the balance between practical and theoretical knowledge is perfect.

The program is described as bold and innovative. I particularly liked this open-mindedness and the fact that the Department values teachers as people who guide and encourage self-study rather than imposing rigid practice and imitation of their own work.

My interest in design was ignited in my school years. When I was little and I learnt to read, my mind was intrigued by any sign, cover or poster. Growing up I got to love the way a picture can communicate concepts and influence my thinking. At one point I thought what if I can communicate ideas to prompt society. Since then the more I learn and create, the more I become in love with it. Starting a formal education is the natural progression of my endeavour.

What I expect to acquire from my study are the skills to thoroughly research a particular problem and to choose the most suitable medium to implement a concept in order to impact the public. I see as fundamental practical subjects like design, drawing and interaction. But also essential is theoretical knowledge as history of design, philosophy and psychology. One subject that has always struck a cord with me, because it intertwined technical excellence and psychological merit, is typography. Knowing that the Academy excels in the latter is immensely assuring.

Additionally the inspiring multicultural community creates this mix of various societies, ideas and experiences. Designers need to be aware of what's happening in the world, so such an atmosphere is quite suitable. The more versatile I can become in my thinking, the more approaches I can use for my concepts.

Social issues can occupy my mind for days. Once, a collaborative exhibition of Palestinian and Israeli artists made me think about the absurdity of war and the power of art to uplift and unite people beyond any means. My interests tend to encompass global issues requiring deep analysis and serious solutions. The last piece I did was concerning the duplicitous social sympathy of the world towards bombings in Europe. We are Paris, but not Ankara or Brussels.

I am uplifted when artists and designers change society, even if few realise it. Look at movements like Dada, who disrupted the whole structure of art, social norms and values, or Minimalism, that fought consumerism and today people are adapting its philosophy into a lifestyle. If I can better the existence of somebody even a little, then I would have accomplished my goal. When I designed a silhouette of my school with sheep in front of it with the question "Animal farm?", I made a few people ask themselves whether some teachers aren't really more equal than others. It was a serious problem, that needed a output to make people think.

My dream is to become a mindful professional who solves problems of real significance to somebody. I wouldn't like to see myself limited by media or cultural status-quos in expense of a concept.


Staff member
Um...questions means giving an answer, not a letter or essay.

They'll be going through hundreds of applicants so they're likely not expecting letters like this (note I never bothered reading the letter)
Thanks @Levi. I wrote a letter because they wrote this:

Motivation Letter

Besides your presentation add a short motivation letter, not longer than 1 A-4, with a maximum of 500 words.
For your own support and an indication you can use the answers to these questions:
I know it's longer than 500 words but it's a draft. Should I ask them whether they want just answers or a normal letter?