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motion design reel

I'm in the process of producing a motion design reel and have a few questions...

First, I really need adduce on the best approach, i.e. showcase everything i know, based on technique. Choose my best work or choose work based on tools used to show range.
Also I'm assuming the dvd hard copy is the best course of action over mass emails, although if the work is of a high standard why woulds they mind as its more convenient than accessing a dvd player.
Any thoughts.
Sean Orelaja.


Senior Member
Just incase your wondering why no one has replied... I dont think many of us (correct me if im wrong) know much about motion design :)
Don't bother with a DVD. My advice would be to upload your reel to vimeo or to your own site and send a link.

As you say it's much more convenient and if you pay for Vimeo membership and upload in HD, the quality is actually better.

Choose your best work which ideally shows a range of styles/techniques. Keep it snappy, you'll need an incredible reel to keep people watching for more than two or three mins. Don't worry about showing off any tools or technical approaches, the people you're showing it to will know all about the technicalities involved just from viewing it — no need to patronise seasoned pros.

Good luck and be patient, it's tough out there.