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More troubles with CSS


Senior Member
Ok so I got round some of the initial teething problems but being clueless im still running into problems.

Current progress: Horizontal menu

the line under each description, above "back" is a border applied to just the top, its in its own div but how could I nudge it up so its against the content box or something like 3px away... I haven't set a padding/margin for elements in an UL is that what I need to do? I even tried using an image but its still got the same padding.

Also when I tried to make my navigation images into hyperlinks it went all screwy, how would I define those anyway?

#backto.A:hover - is that even correct??

lastly.... whats causing the vertical scrollbar?


Active Member
Hey Br3n,

Looks like your p's are taking the browser default styling.... in order to close the gap of the line above the back link to the container above it you can add the following...

Line #3 styles.css -
p {   blah   blah   margin-bottom:0;}
As for your navigation, simply set the dimensions of the navigation image to an A tag and then apply the background image per A tag to that of the navigation graphic.
each A tag reflects.

I hope this helps?



Senior Member
Ok ive just tried to make one of my "soon to be links" into a link using the guidelines from this tutorial: CSS Trick: Turning a background image into a clickable link - Xavisys

But... although it displays correctly (well, its there) its not clickable but nothing in that div seams to be, I can drag the main images into the address bar etc or right click for propertise but not there... whats cuasing that?

IGNORE THIS. I used padding to move the div over to accomodate the menu and should have used a margin. Sorteeeeed :D