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Moo Luxe business cards review

You will probably have seen, read, or heard about Moo's new Luxe range of business cards.

I've had my eye on some nice Colorplan business cards for a while, but the letterpress printing was just a bit too expensive at this time of the year. So I ordered myself a small batch of the Luxe cards, and wrote a review for the common good.

I was really rather pleased with the result. And no, I'm not connected to the company in any way!

You can read the review here


Staff member
I'm not sure, personally I'd say having rounded corners would allow you to see the colour every now and again as the card moves, purely as it allows the sides to be seen at a different angle etc


Staff member
ordered the sample packs, got to be honest they're nice but I think they're going to be limiting with just 4 insert colours
esprintguy said:
Great packaging, great concepts, and really awesome business cards! The only concern I have is that the sandwich could easily come apart from the edges. Other than that, though, it's awesome.
I was actually thinking this the other day. I keep a few in my wallet, and after a few months they're in remarkably good condition, despite being in a vulnerable position. So, worry not, the sandwich is well and truly stuck together!



Senior Member
They look cool, although I'm told when handing them out people instinctively try to pry them apart thinking they've got 2 or 3 stuck together. Did anyone hear about that 'special' card holder they were planning?