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Monitors for Graphic Design


can anyone recommend a good monitor for Graphic Design. I need to get one to plug into my Mac Book Pro. Something either 24 or 27inch.

As usual there are so many but unsure what to go for?

I am trying to do it on a budget. if possible between £200 - £300. I know you can pay beyone £1000. The Dell UltraSharp U2414H and Dell UltraSharp U2414M seem popular.

Any advice or experience would be great thanks


Paul Murray

Staff member
I did eventually stump up for that 28 inch Samsung and I have no complaints. I did need to fiddle with the resolution settings and create a profile using SwicthResX as the default Mac resolution options weren't ideal. Also if you're getting a 4K monitor you'll need one of these so you can get a 60hz refresh rate. HDMI will only give you 30hz at 4k resolution and your mouse will lag.