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Monitor, laptop, projector Calibration Service!

Hi, Guys

I am offering calibration service for any kind of displays, like monitors, notebooks, TVs and projectors.

I'm based in Guildford but serve everywhere around the UK.
The main areas are Surrey and London, but if there is enough request from another area I am happy to come to your place.

Why hire me?
As purchasing a high quality calibrator would cost more hundred pounds and it would land in the drawer after the first usage, the cost effective way is to let me do it for you.

If you are interested or you have any question about calibration, don't hesitate to ask.

You can also get in touch with me in email: millinghoffer@gmail.com


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calibration tool - 150 quid give or take. How many times can we use it - as many as we like.

Compared with cost to hire someone, yes it will appear less but we have to have them come back roughly every 2 months (according to my calibration software) so long run it works out more expensive....

Besides I would guess 90% of designers will have a calibration tool as one of their first purchases...
just out of interest.....how much do you charge to calibrate say.....a laptop?

Not including travel costs, just the calibration.


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sorry but why pay £20 quid for a one time service on one device when you can buy a spyder4 (express is £90, others more expensive) which can be used as many times as you like on as many systems as you like...

If you need to recalibrate like you're supposed to you will need to call out bel26 again at another £20... do that 5 times and you could have got yourself your very own calibration tool...

It's not for how difficult calibration is, it's literally stick the device to the screen and run the software following it's instructions...
Dear Levi,

"calibration tool - 150 quid give or take. How many times can we use it - as many as we like."

This is not exactly true. The colorimeters like I1 display2, I1 display pro, or spyder4 are very sensitive gadgets.
With time they become inaccurate. So you can't use them forever. Light, temperature, humidity all these things make them inaccurate with time. So in 1 or two years they need to be sent to Switzerland to be recalibrated which costs about 150-200 pounds.

Another thing is that technology always changes, for example the I1 display2 colorimeter is not good for wide gamut monitors. That used to be a very good calibration tool a few years ago but now if you upgrade your monitor you have to buy another colorimeter for that.

"Compared with cost to hire someone, yes it will appear less but we have to have them come back roughly every 2 months"

There is no point in recalibrating every 2 months!
A new monitor needs to operate for about 50-100 hours to reach its final colour characteristic.
After that, the monitor keeps this characteristic for quite long and only changes slowly, so you can use the calibration profile for years.

All in all, for a normal user who has 1 or 2 monitors and doesn't buy a new monitor every year it is actually more cost effective to pay 20-40 pounds than to buy a colorimeter for 150.

I don't want to discourage anybody from buying a calibration tool!
I just offer an alternative and cheaper way to get the same result.


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Your argument over buying versus using your service is a load of rubbish... a colorimeter will last for years not months.

And they don't need to be sent to Switzerland every 1 to 2 years, well mine doesn't and it's a spyder3... I very much doubt the spyder4 is any different... Nor do I suspect that you are using one that is so expensive that it does require yearly servicing... you could even argue your 'recalibration' backs my years of ownership up....

Now considering I use a spyder3, recalibrate when it tells me and can see the difference when I do I'll stick with my every 2 months requirement, hell it suggests every 30 days but I'm too lazy to do that...

And you do need to recalibrate your screen more than once a year, it's due to the lighting unit (usually a small fluorescent tube) aging... even more so with the now common lcd display

Considering you're meant to be offering this as a service, you should at least know the basic detail that the screen becomes dimmer over time. Darker screen means colours are no longer calibrated :rolleyes:

For any serious designer, your 'service' is more expensive than someone buying it and doing it themselves... you can try and 'up sell' your service all you like but seriously it's not worth it.

edit: http://www.colorwiki.com/wiki/Monit...d_my_monitor_be_recalibrated_or_reprofiled.3F - read part 6 - it says screens should be recalibrate every 2 weeks... strange that...

edit 2: you neglect to mention travel costs too... pretty sure that would rack up the cost for most people too... so are you sure your service is better value than buying one
I am telling you once again, however, I doubt that you can understand it, I don't want to discourage anyone from buying a calibration tool. What I offer, is an alternative solution. If anyone wants to buy a calibration tool, do that and enjoy it. If anyone is interested in what I offer, I am happy to help.

By misinterpreting what I intend to say and trying to discredit me you make yourself seem ridiculous, but what's more, you may even mislead others. It's sad that there are people like you.
At this point I will finish the conversation with you and not going to reply to any of your provocation. Please do the same!


Staff member
I'm not trying to discredit anyone, I'm sure you can follow the on screen instruction for the device like anyone else... I'm just pointing out it's a false economy... it's better value to buy your own... which in the current economic climate is much better.

Oh and to be honest I could have asked for this thread to be removed as we don't do threads which are basically for advertising on this forum.