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Monitor Calibration


Senior Member
I've seen a bug that gets attached to your monitor that gives you a "true" colour, but it is like £110! I'll look for the link later.


Staff member
I'll be honest. I don't currently use a proper tool (although that will change shortly, getting a spyder3) but I suppose my work isn't quite so colour critical as say a purely print designer.


Junior Member
unfortunately, i still use PC for my design..
(i know, i know.. Mac for design..PC for the bin.. )

anyway, i was looking at the spyder or pantone huey type things for calibration...or any other make .
any advice would be kindly welcomed


Senior Member
lol :p

but I see what Br3n's saying.

Tracey Emin's "Bed" thingy was interpreted as art/design despite the fact some people think she just got up one morning and took a picture :p