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Modifying images

Hi all.

Ive a simple request, (I think)!

I want to produce an image that's using a chinese character, a bit like a tattoo. Now when I insert the chinese character, it looks flat and too much like a font.

Is there any way, seeing as I havent created the character myself, to get 'into' it and do stuff?

For example, the character is flat and has smooth lines, for an example see:


.... tho real calligraphy is done by brush and has the subtle brush strokes, specially toward the 'ends' of the strokes/image.

So how can I enhance the premade image and make it look more natural, like brush stroke?

Or if I cant get 'into' the image, is it poss to somehow trace it and make a copy that can be modified?


And yes I have tried selecting a brush tool/blank canvass, and creating the image myself but its too wobbly if you know what I mean?

Ive got paintshop and fireworks and can borrow photoshop!!

Im no hardcore designer so simple explanations will be best for me!!

Thanks everyone